Wednesday, July 06, 2022

What is Virtual Reality, and Why Should Photographers Care?

Virtual reality, VR videos, and immersive game action are forming a significant part of the digital age. However, if you were to step back in time to 1961, it would be an entirely different story. You see, virtual reality is not a new concept, with the word ‘virtual reality’ first uttered in French within a 1938 essay on theatrical performances. Oddly enough, it never took off back then, and wouldn’t for several decades.

Now, however, virtual reality is something of which many people include in their daily life. It’s an immersive experience and one that responds and changes depending on the interaction of the person utilizing it and watching the VR videos. It’s all about creating a presence, using sights, sounds, and sensory input to make the viewer believe the VR video they are watching is one they are actually in.

While some still photographers may feel threatened by the industry diversification, stereoscopic 3D photography is something they should be actively embracing, and here’s why.

Additional Income Stream

The opportunity to shoot stereoscopic 3D photography offers a regular still photographer the chance to earn more money. After all, with a photographer’s median income in the United States not that lucrative at under $29,000, every little advancement can help.

Businesses, now more than ever, are relishing in the opportunity to get a creative edge over their competitor with VR videos. You, too, can get the edge over local photographers by producing VR videos alongside your regular still shots.

Endless Opportunities

Because virtual reality is still a growing field, VR videos are in hot demand. VR has seen growth in new entrepreneurs and developers, but stereoscopic 3D photography is still very much a self-taught and niche field. As a result, your skill set will be in hot demand.

Expanding the Field

The opportunities for virtual reality and VR videos are never-ending, with new scope and technology in creation as we speak. However, how great would it feel to become a market leader in the stereoscopic 3D field? When you choose to expand rather than “stick with what you know,” you’re able to reach new heights, broaden the area of VR, and improve your career.

While most photographers start out with immersive house tours for realtors, they can grow to become so much more. Photographers should care because it gives them a name far beyond what they could ever expect with still imagery.

It’s Fun

If the thought of more money, fresh opportunities and a name for yourself is still not reason enough to consider building VR videos, then the fun will be. Creating and developing VR videos is a thrilling activity. It’s one that may take you hours, but once you try out what you created, you will be blown away by the sensory experience.

When you create VR videos, you are creating life. Virtual reality is here to stay, and the options are endless for how it can advance your photography career.

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